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Spray Parts Washers
Process Equipment's industrial spray parts washers, consists of a cabinet, a water heater, a filtration system, pumps, and nozzles. Cabinets (also called enclosures or housings), for our spray parts washers are often constructed using mild steel or stainless steel. Our heat exchangers can be gas or electric powered depending on your requirements. The filtration system collects waste and debris generated by the cleaning process. Pumps increase the pressure of sprayers and helps dislodge contaminants from parts. Hot water and detergents are used to break down contaminants and remove them from parts.

Process Equipment offers a variety of loading options depending on the spray parts washer type ranging from fully automated and controlled by a CNC machine to adjust settings to manual loading. The parts being washed can be front or back loaded, and they can be washed in a basket, tray, rack system, by a robotic arm, a rotary table or conveyer belt.

Some of our Standard Options for our Spray Parts Washer include:

Fuel: Natural Gas, Propane, Electric
Pipe Work: Schedule 40 Black Pipe, Schedule 80 CPVC
Construction: Mild Steel or Stainless Steel (304 or 316)
Other: Oil Skimmers and Stainless Steel Filter Systems
As with all Process Equipment's industrial ovens, spray parts washers and powder booths, all of our  heating & electrical requirements are designed to NFPA, CSA and TSSA standards. 
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