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Over 25 years of service serving the paint and powder industry throughout North America.

Cutting edge products in curing, heat treating and washing
Batch and conveyor ovens, agitation and process washers, powder booths and high temperature ovens at competitive prices


Process Equipment has worked with a number of the top aerospace manufacturers in North America to supply them with top quality batch ovens, process ovens and industrial parts washers for their particular manufacturing requirements.  Our batch ovens in particular are used in a number of process including...

  • Aluminum parts aging
  • Powder paint curing
  • Wet paint curing
  • Composite component curing

We have the experience to help you with these curing requirements as well as your cleaning requirements with our Industrial parts washers.  We offer a number of parts washers (process parts washer on various types of conveyor systems or agitation parts washer), to meet your demanding cleaning requirements.  We understand the critical need for precise controls for cleaning and curing complex composite parts used in the aerospace business

All of Process Equipment's ovens for the Aerospace Industry are designed and engineered to accommodate the most demanding specifications and requirements for the curing process.  All of our Aerospace ovens offer optional interface and control functions such as PLC interface and controls, ramp and soak temperature controls and process timers.