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High Temperature Ovens

Process Equipment has expanded its batch oven line up with the successful introduction of our high temperture ovens which are capable of reaching temperatures in excess 1200oC (2200oF).  These specialized high temperature ovens are useful for a number of industrial applications such as...

  • parts annealing
  • pre-heat treatment for automotive hydro-forming techniques
  • catalytic converter preparation  for automotive or industrial purposes
  • sintering

All of Process Equipment's high temperature batch ovens are built using 3/16" (5mm) sheet steel coupled with structural HSS for a rigid and strong frame.   We then incorporate a special finishing system to insulate the floor while using high temperature insulation to protect the ovens structural integrity.  This type of high temperature oven can come equipped with either guillotine type doors or floor mounted track doors.  

Process Equipment only uses the best quality Maxon(R) Kinimax(TM) burners on our high temperature gas fired batch ovens.  We only use top quality gas components that are fully approved to meet CSA, NFPA & TSSA certification standards for all our batch ovens, process ovens and high temperature ovens.
To find out more please contact us at...info@pro-eq.com or call us direct at 905-372-3001 to find out more. 
All of our high temperature ovens include the following...

  • Structural steel door frames
  • Complete HMI control panel
  • Complete flame or heat element safety system
  • Properly sized exhaust
  • Properly sized burner for gas fired ovens
  • Properly sized heater elements for electric ovens