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Agitation Parts Washers

Process Equipment's agitation parts washing systems are designed to
clean and degrease batch quantities of small or large parts in preparation for surface treatment and distribution.  This is the case when dealing with newly machined, forged or fabricated products are usually coated in oils, chemicals, burrs, abrasive dust, debris, paint and other residue left over from the fabrication process.  Finishing coatings such as zinc, electroplating and powder coatings are not effective if they are applied on a dirty surface. That's where are agitation parts washer comes in.

The agitation parts washer utilizes both a heat exchangers and pump impellers to increase the efficiency of the cleaning solution within the tank.  This system can be set up as a single tank station or multiple tank stations for cleaning , first rinse and then a second rinse.  The agtiation washer can also come with a hoist system to allow for easy transfer of movement between multiple tanks.

All Process Equipment gas heated agitation parts washers are designed to meet CSA, NFPA & TSSA code requirements.
CSA SPE-1000 electrical approval on all our agitation parts washers
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