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Over 25 years of service serving the paint and powder industry throughout North America.

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Process Ovens
Process Equipment's Process Ovens are engineered and designed to meet your particular process requirement.

Whether your process is for Heat Treating, Parts Dry Off, Powder Cure, Wet Paint Cure, Plastics, Steel, Composites, Aeronautical, automotive, pharmaceutical
or another process, we will work with you to design the most efficient and cost effective design for your process.

All our industrial ovens are deigned to meet and exceed CSA B-149, NFPA 86-2012 and TSSA-FA-2012 fuel safety requirements.  Also our ovens are deigned to meet CSA SPE-1000 electrical requirements.

Also all our heat process ovens or industrial ovens can be equipped for either propane or natural gas fuel with electrical requirements ranging from 208/230/460/575 volt three phase systems.  Single phase systems are available.

At Process Equipment we will work with you, the customer, to design a heat process system to meet your needs today and for tomorrow.
Why you should choose Process Equipment:
Our Industrial Process Ovens are designed to meet give you years of dependable service while using quality Maxon(R) burners and components designed to meet CSA, NFPA and TSSA regulatory approvals.  All Process Equipment Industrial Process Ovens are built Pro-Eq tough.

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