CQI - 9 Ovens

Automotive specific heat treating ovens typically require the supplier to meet the CQI-9 standard for heat treating of various metals including machined cast iron, aluminum and other various steel based materials.  These ovens are typically used for the heat treatment of vehicle transmission components, engine blocks, and aluminum components.  We offer a cost effective solution for this with our PLC based temperature controllers which allow for a variety of ramp and soak programs, temperature monitoring and recording along with a number of communication options. 

Process Equipment aging batch ovens have been used in the automotive industry, aerospace industry as well as the spring annealing industry.

NADCAP Classes for Oven Systems

Class     Uniformity     Process Equipment Ovens

1          +/- 5'F             Available
2          +/- 10'F           Available
3          +/- 15'F           Available
4          +/- 18'F           Available
5          +/- 25'F           Available
6          +/- 50'F           Available
CQI - 9 Instrumentation             Type A / Type B / Type C / Type D / Type D+ / Type E

Control Temperature Display          X           X            X            X            X              X
Control Sensor                               X           X            X            X            X              X
Instrument Recorder                      X           X            X            X            X              X
High Limit Sensor                           X           X            X            X            X
High Limit Instrument                    X           X            X            X            X
Multipoint Recorder                       X           X            X
High Limit Recorder                       X
Low Limit Recorder                        X
Load Sensor Recorder                    X            X           X
Recording Sensors per Zone                                                                 X

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