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Aluminum Ageing

Aluminum aging batch ovens by Process Equipment are designed for a variety of heat treatment cycles and temperatures depending on the type of material that is being used.  We offer a cost effective solution for this with our PLC based temperature controllers which allow for a variety of ramp and soak programs within your aging batch oven. 

The object of the aluminum aging batch oven is increase the temper strength of the material that is being used.  This is commonly 6061 aluminum in both the aerospace and automotive industries.  Within these industries we are able using our aging batch ovens a variety of annealing and tempering strengths such as 6061-O, 6061-T4 and 6061-T6. 

Other materials such as 6061-T5 and T7 can also be achieved using our aging batch ovens. 

Process Equipment aging batch ovens have been used in the automotive industry, aerospace industry as well as the spring annealing industry.

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